Expansion of the Črnomelj Central Waste Water Treatment Plant

Client/investor: Municipality of Črnomelj

Project category: Ecology and energy

Project timeline: 2010 - 2012

Project status: The project is currently underway

Description of the project

The project for the construction of the Črnomelj treatment plant includes the construction and expansion of the existing Črnomelj Central Waste Water Treatment Plant from 5.000 PE to 9.600 PE, as well as trial operation and all of the activities including those for obtaining the operating permit.

The contributing area encompasses the territory of the town of Črnomelj. Biochemical oxygen demand (COD5) is 576 kgCOD5/d, suspended solids come in at 465 kgSS/d, total nitrogen amounts to 115kg/d, and the daily dry-weather inflow is 1,843 m3/d. The technological treatment procedure comprises mechanical pre-treatment, a biological treatment stage, tertiary treatment, stabilization and machine compaction of sludge. The clean water recipient is the Lahinja River.

Project challenges

Because of the requirements laid down in the applicable legislation in force, the reconstruction and expansion of the Črnomelj Central Waste Water Treatment Plant must be performed without extensive interruptions to the operation of the treatment plant.

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